Nov 15, 2019 | Jobs

Into your future with self-moti­vation and a clear focus on results

Orano NCS GmbH is a spe­cia­lized service pro­vider in the nuclear trans­por­tation business and a 100% sub­si­diary of the French Orano Group. We work on the planning and management of ship­ments for the nuclear industry, the storage of radio­active mate­rials at the company site and deve­loping com­ponents and con­tainers for the trans­por­tation and storage of such materials.

A strong team and a long term com­mitment allow inde­pendent working and per­sonal further development.

Inno­vative energy, pro­gress and com­pe­tence and the wil­lingness to work at all levels lead to a high level of reco­gnition for us, worldwide.

For the long-term streng­thening and expansion of our “Radiation Pro­tection Ser­vices” business unit we are looking for a Radiation Pro­tection Project Engineer (m/w/d)

Your tasks and responsibilities

  • Project management in the fields of radiation pro­tection, dis­posal, dis­mantling, dan­gerous goods and transportation
  • Holding tech­nical dis­cus­sions with experts and repre­sen­ta­tives of aut­ho­rities in various countries
  • Planning and reviewing tech­nical planning documents
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Pro­ducing ins­truc­tions for radiation pro­tection and for the trans­por­tation of radio­active materials
  • Handling mea­su­rement systems
  • Sche­duling and deadline management
  • App­lying for permits for the storage of radio­active mate­rials and acti­vities at third party sites
  • Holding training courses / brie­fings in the radiation pro­tection, nuclear law and dan­gerous goods law fields
  • Repre­senting Orano NCS at national and inter­na­tional radiation pro­tection events and congresses

Your Profile

  • You have suc­cessfully com­pleted your studies to qualify as an engineer in the fields of radiation pro­tection, nuclear tech­nology, envi­ron­mental tech­nology, che­mistry, physics, struc­tural engi­neering or a com­pa­rable specialisation
  • You have a good know­ledge of nuclear, radiation pro­tection and dan­gerous goods law
  • You have already gained expe­rience in the nuclear field
  • You have a high wil­lingness to travel
  • You have a good know­ledge of spoken and written English
  • You are con­fident in the use of common MS Office pro­grammes: Word, Excel, Power­Point, Outlook
  • You have a talent for orga­nization and work in a very careful and struc­tured manner
  • Relia­bility, fle­xi­bility, taking care and a precise method of working are a matter of course for you
  • Your per­sonal profile is rounded off by a pro­no­unced ability to work in a team, com­mu­nicate and resolve con­flicts with internal depart­ments and external entities (cus­tomers, aut­ho­rities and experts)

Do these chal­lenges appeal to you? Then please send your infor­mative appli­cation docu­ments, (by e-mail if you wish, to personal@orano-ncs.com) indi­cating your ear­liest pos­sible starting date and your salary wishes to

Orano NCS GmbH
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