Our new BGF 5 escort vehicle

Jun 12, 2019 | News

Orano NCS GmbH relies on the highest quality.

As does our new BGF 5 escort vehicle, which was designed according to the newest security guidelines.

The BGF 5 was spe­cially designed by us to meet all security stan­dards in relation to the accom­p­animent of security category 1 shipments.

The escort vehicle is armored and equipped with the latest technology.

Vehicle details:

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 GX-R – armored escort vehicle

  • Gears: 6-speed gearbox,  automatic
  • Engine:  petrol engine,  4,606 ccm,  304 hp, V8
  • Dimen­sions:  5,115mm x 1,980mm x 2,105mm