Pro­tective pack­aging SD-20K for transportation

Mar 15, 2019 | Pro­jects

The SD-20K is a pro­tective pack­aging that has been newly deve­loped at Orano NCS GmbH. for the trans­por­tation of Konrad con­tainers that cannot be trans­ported unpro­tected, into the final repository. 

The SD-20K has the task of pro­tecting the inventory (the Konrad con­tainer) against mecha­nical and thermal impacts from the outside and con­sti­tuting a sealed enclosure for the inventory.

Konrad con­tainers with dimen­sions up to 1.70m x 1.70m x 2.00m (W x H x L) and a gross weight up to 20T can be trans­ported. A Konrad con­tainer is packed in the SD-20K and trans­ported as a type B(U)F package. 

The external dimen­sions of the SD-20K cor­re­spond to those of a 20’ ISO con­tainer. The gross weight including special trailer and tractor unit is less than 40T.

The SD-20K is fitted with ISO corner cas­tings at all corners for handling and fixing it to the trailer. 

The pro­tection of the inventory is assured by a structure made of high-strength steels, large volume shock absorber ele­ments made of foam and an inno­vative use of mate­rials. The loading and unloading process is almost com­pletely automated.

The SD-20K was deve­loped for steel con­tainers car­rying con­crete-enc­losed waste, but, in prin­ciple, the robust design permits a large range of invent­ories to be carried.
Thus this concept is fun­da­men­tally sui­table for trans­porting pro­ble­matic waste to the final repository: 

  • Pack­aging of acti­vated core internals and core shroud in shielded sheet steel containers.
  • Trans­por­tation of waste con­tainers that no longer have a type (B) permit.
  • The safety of the package is verified by complex mecha­nical and thermal simu­la­tions using the finite element method (FEM) as well as through still to be per­formed pro­totype drop tests and fire tests.