NCS 45

Oct 25, 2019

The NCS 45 cask is designed and manu­fac­tured for the trans­por­tation of irra­diated fuel assem­blies, fuel rods, fuel rod seg­ments, encap­su­lated pellets and non-fissile radio­active material. 

The NCS 45 has a usable length of 4,625mm, a usable dia­meter of 220mm and total weight of 22,500kg.

The description of con­tents is rather general and allows cool­downs of up to 10 days and burn-off values of up to 120 GWd / MgHM.

The cask itself has a high grade steel – lead – high grade steel construction. 

For handling, trun­nions are fitted in line with German Nuclear Tech­nology Com­mission (KTA) requi­re­ments. State-of-the­art shock absorbers gua­rantee safety under acci­dental conditions. 

For loading and unloading, the cask is equipped at the top end with a rotary feed-through and at the bottom end with a remo­vable cover. 

Thus, it can be used for dry and wet loading and unloading.