Shielding holder Am BE Source

Oct 25, 2019

Example of a smaller con­tainer design project

The challenge
For the French CEA, a shielding con­tainer for an ame­ricium beryllium source had to be deve­loped and manu­fac­tured within a few months.

The main challenge here was to shield the strong neutron radiation from the source in such a way that the con­tainer can be handled safely with the source. By using a special con­crete, the con­tainer could be designed to be signi­fi­cantly slimmer and lighter than would have been necessary at a height of 70 cm and Ø 44 cm.

Using the CAD design dra­wings, invoices were then per­formed with a detailed ren­dering of the lid system to ensure that even in the areas of the lid system, which are not com­pletely shielded com­pletely by the con­crete, no increased dose rates to perform. 

After the design was released by the CEA and the pro­duction docu­ments were com­pleted, the con­tainer was manu­fac­tured under our super­vision in France, including the creation and filling of the special concrete. 

The project was carried out with delivery and testing of the con­tainer at the CEA in just four months to the satis­faction of the customer.